Nov 17 – The Rich Fool

How can we relate with this rich man, whom God refers to as a “Fool?” While many of us aren’t familiar with storing crops and an abundance of goods, what things do we have in abundance that may prevent our eyes from focusing on God and others? What we encounter in this story is wealth and thanksgiving, a most important lesson right before we sit together with our families and loved ones to celebrate this special American holiday. The foolish rich man was so concerned with his goods, that his greed led him to make a big mistake. His success in [...]

Nov 10 – The Good Samaritan – Just Good?

JUST Good?? This Sunday's Gospel reading in Luke 10:25-37 is frequently referred to as the story about "The Good Samaritan." Interestingly enough, the word, “good” appears nowhere in the passage. I think the word "good" is understood today as a fairly weak word -- something like "nice" or "okay." So we might not think the Samaritan did anything too special just by using the description of "good." In fact, the Samaritan man did far more than something nice for the person who was dying on the side of the road. He not only went out of his way to help, but he saved the man's life through his own sacrificial efforts.

Nov 3 – Iron Man and Lazarus?

I finally just saw Avengers End Game. I, like many of you, was also surprised at the fate of Iron Man, who is this amazingly strong super hero that we believed was indestructible. Just like in the Gospel story today from Luke 16:19-31, we see another amazing contrast. Read more

Oct 27 – Jesus raises a little girl

Have you ever heard what happens in a book before you’ve even read it? Or even in a much anticipated movie that is soon to be released and there are already spoiler clips online? Today’s Gospel reading from Luke 8:41-56 reminds me of a similar situation.

Oct 20 – Created to Give!

Do you remember last week’s Gospel? Today’s Epistle reading reminds us about the sower and his seeds. In Luke 8:5, the seed was the Word of God. Now, we have a chance to reflect on what that means for our life. What is our response to the many blessings God continues to give us? If we are sowers and spread the seeds so they may grow and provide fruit, how does that touch others’ lives? God has blessed us first with life, a loving family & home, and a church family where we grow together toward His Kingdom with [...]

Oct 13 – Holy Icons, Icon Smashers, and You

Reflections on today’s commemoration by Fr. Angelo—October 13, 2019 Can you imagine our church without icons?  Today we remember the Holy Fathers of the Seventh Ecumenical Council, who met in Nicea in 787 A.D.   At this council, they defended our faith against the “iconoclasts” or “icon-smashers” who wanted to destroy all holy icons.  The Holy Fathers maintained the teaching that icons are forms of spirituality and used for Christian education.   They taught that icons are not to be worshiped, but venerated or revered.  The respect is being given not to the wood and paint but to the person depicted on the [...]

Oct 6 – Jesus and the Widow of Nain | A Message for Parents

God cares for us especially while we struggle, and struggles affect parents and children alike. In today's Gospel, we hear about the widowed mother from Nain, who encounters Jesus during the funeral procession for her only son, who had just passed away. What happened when Jesus saw her and stopped the funeral procession shows us first of all, how much compassion the Lord had for her! St. Luke specifically tells us that Jesus had compassion on her – not only for losing her son, but that she would be an outcast in society and dependent upon financial support from others.

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