A man named Jairus, who is the ruler of the synagogue, begs Jesus on his knees to visit his only daughter who is dying. On His way, Jesus encounters a woman who’s faith heals her incurable disease by just a small touch to His garments. While this is happening, they hear that Jairus’ daughter is already dead, to which Jesus responds: “Do not fear; only believe, and she shall be well.” After witnessing the healing of the woman who touched only His garment, what do you think will happen next?

You guessed it!  Jesus went into see the girl and took her by the hand and said “Talitha kumi”, whish is Aramaic for “Little girl, get up!”   Then Jesus told them to get her something to eat.  He told them this, because everyone in the house knew the little girl had actually died, and Jesus didn’t want them to think she was ghost (ghosts do not eat!)

Can death pass in front of the Lord of life? Our Lord is the God of the living  and the dead.  Jesus can not only stop death but He also conquered it!